(Sr.) Engineer/Analyst I (II)

PJM Interconnection
June 3, 2021
Audubon, PA
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The primary function of the (Sr.) Engineer(or, Analyst if a non-engineering background) is to provide technical support for the activities of the Outage Analysis Technologies (OAT) Department, for OAT's sister Transmission Operations (TOD) and Generation departments within the Operations Planning subdivision, and/or for OAT's customers across PJM and its members. The Engineer perform the analyses and coordination of transmission outage requests, summer seasonal assessments and other regional studies. Engineers create temporary transmission operating procedures and maintain relevant PJM Operations manuals such as the Transmission Operations manual (M-03) or Transmission Operating Procedures manual (M-03B). The Engineer supports tools/initiatives including:

  • eDART/Dart – outage management tool covering the lifecycle, maintenance and management of equipment as it is introduced into the PJM model up until it exists the PJM model;

  • Emergency Procedures (EP) – conveys PJM emergency procedures (manual M-13) to PJM members and impacted parties;

  • Transient Stability Analysis (TSA) – determines stability issues and mitigation strategies in Real-time and study spaces;

  • Intelligent Event Processor (IEP) – provides situational awareness to PJM operators and engineers using a Boolean logic translation of M-03B operating procedures;

  • Keystone - a custom application developed in support of the PJM study process and within our Taramisu portfolio;

  • Rosetta – a mapping translation tool across PJM planning, operations and market models;

  • Smartlogs – operator event logging and shift turnover tool;

  • Synchrophasors – sub-second time-synchronized telemetry system event analysis and event determination, such as oscillations;

  • Taramisu – PJM operations use of the PowerGEM TARA tool for automated studies;

  • TO Connection – container application housing tools specific to PJM operations and Transmission Owners, such as Post-Contingency Local Load Relief Warning (PCLLRW) and Stability Limits;

  • Topology Control – drives switching solutions to mitigate transmission contraints;

  • Voltage Distribution Factors (VDFAX) – derives relevant impact of load shed for a given set of loads to mitigate reactive related constraints;

  • Voltage Stability Assessment Tool (VSAT) – use of PowerTech's VSAT tool to identify non-load shed related solutions to reactive constraints;

Engineers interact with the Transmission Owners (TO), representatives of adjoining RC/TOP/BA systems, PJM Reliability Engineers and PJM Dispatch, PJM Applied Innovations and PJM ITS. The Engineer positions are part of a matrixed organization between two departments – TOD and OAT with duties split between Operational Planning Analysis/Coordination under TOD and application development/design/administration/project management under OAT jurisdiction. Depending on the abilities of the candidate, additional tool development opportunities (i.e. database query development; job scripting; application architecture/administration; to tool enhancement development) exist within OAT related to its tool development around outage study automation tools.

Because of COVID-19 this position will be temporarily working from home until a return to campus plan is finalized.

Essential Functions:

  • Engineers support tools/initiatives across a spectrum of tools such as eDART/Dart, EP, IEP, Keystone, Smartlogs, Rosetta, Real Time Dynamic Monitoring System (synchrophasors), TARA, TO Connection, Topology Control, TSA/VSA, TARA and VDFAX.

  • Develop and implement new technologies to create innovative solutions, increased efficiencies and improved reliability.

  • Coordinate with Dispatch, Reliability Engineers, fellow Engineers and PJM members in honing enhancements to existing applications and processes, development of new tools and processes, and development of tools for economic evaluation and efficient RTO operation.

  • Engineers support integration of advanced industry technologies such as topology control, variable impedance devices, synchrophasors and dynamic line ratings.

  • Develop Operational Base Cases and Conduct Seasonal Studies - Create operational base cases from the MMWG series cases using PSS/E.

  • Conduct seasonal operating studies under the auspices of the OATF and other RRO study initiatives.

  • Develop and maintain the necessary transmission system models.

  • Manage transmission outage process - perform power flow and contingency analysis, to grant, or reject transmission outage requests and coordinate generation outages/redispatch.

  • Maintain transmission outage schedules in coordination with transmission owners.

  • Identify and report potential operating issues related to near-term transmission outages.

  • Coordinate outages to reduce FTR inadequacy by determined metrics.

  • Coordinate transmission and generation outages.

  • Schedule Generation to support Transmission Outages.

  • Perform power system analyses and document analysis results.

  • Apply sound engineering judgment to create innovative solutions to engineering problems

  • Support PJM compliance efforts to adhere to NERC and RRO standards.

  • Coordinate the analysis activities of less experienced engineers, review results of analysis performed by other engineers.

  • Represent PJM on Transmission-related Committees and Study Groups - Represent PJM on committees sponsored by NERC, RFC, PJM, or others.

  • Represent PJM on study groups that conduct interregional studies or other special studies.

  • Opportunities may include project management, requirement development, subject matter expertise, stakeholder administration, root cause analysis facilitation, as well as PJM representation within industry working groups.

  • Support PJM procedural development - create temporary transmission operating procedures and maintain PJM manuals.

Characteristics and Qualifications:


  • BS degree Electrical or Computer Engineering / Computer Science / Data Analytics and equivalent experience

  • Ability to produce high-quality work products with attention to detail

  • Experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis

  • Ability to use mathematical and electrical theory

  • Ability to troubleshoot and provide technical support


  • MS degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering / Computer Science / Data Analytics

  • Experience with Tool/application development, design to increase performance of self/customers.

  • Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, C#, Confluence/Jira, agile development methodologies.

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